Compass wants to recruit the top real estate agents in San Francisco. With an industry known for its impeccable people kills and smooth-talking, how can compass grab these agents attention?


Compass will put themselves out "there" to court these real estate agents and seal the deal by using geolocation to target these specific agents while generating curiosity for the general public. 

Strategic placements: right in front of competing agencies.

Get them on rental listings when they’re hunting for upcoming properties. 

As a non-compass agent and a buyer walk into a house viewing, we will send them a photo through Airdrop. 

They will get the option to choose whether they are a buyer or an agent.

Buyers will be connected with an agent and agents will receive a link to the networking event.

Target social ads on Instagram stories with a networking event invite once you swipe up.

The first date/ Network event.

People already know the great real estate tech behind Compass, let them get to know their future co-workers.  

AD: Penelope Vasquez | AD: Vanessa Bittante | CW: Lea San Martano